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Emil M. Cioran

My soul is chaos, how can it be at all? There is everything in me: search and you will find out. I am a fossil dating from the beginning of the world: not all of its elements have completely crystallized, and initial chaos still shows through. I am absolute contradiction, climax of antinomies, the last… Continue reading Emil M. Cioran

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Mary Oliver

August of another summer, and once again I am drinking the sun and the lilies again are spread across the water. I know now what they want is to touch each other. I have not been here for many years during which time I kept living my life. Like the heron, who can only croak,… Continue reading Mary Oliver

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Odysseus Elytis

If a separate personal Paradise exists for each of us, mine must be irreparably planted with trees of words which the wind silvers like poplars, by people who see their confiscated justice given back, and by birds that even in the midst of truth of death insist on singing in Greek and saying eros, eros,… Continue reading Odysseus Elytis

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Göran Sonnevi

As if nothing but the real-infinite were That beyond our comprehension was the white ocean storm, I read, formulated somewhat differently, in a passage of Kant About this I have always known Also about the dark point in the storm About the great and the small I have been at the extremes, not just in… Continue reading Göran Sonnevi

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