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Mary Oliver

The Oak Tree Loves Patience The oak tree        loves patience, the mountain is        still looking, as it has for centuries,        for a word to say about the gradual way it        slides itself back to the        world below to begin again,        in another life, to be fertile.        When the… Continue reading Mary Oliver

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Emily Dickinson

The Red Leaves take the Green Leaves place and the Landscape yields. We go to sleep with the Peach in our Hands and wake with the Stone, But the Stone is the pledge of Summers to come—   — Emily Dickinson, [268]. New Poems of Emily Dickinson. (The University of North Carolina Press January 1,… Continue reading Emily Dickinson

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Richard Jackson

One time, your heart almost slipped away on a river barge. Your hands seemed to claw the sky. I’m sorry. No one else made anything out of those streaked clouds. The fact that it happened is proof enough for me. —  Richard Jackson, from “Certainty,” Out of Place: Poems (The Ashland Poetry Press, 2014)

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Timothy Liu

I think of how the mystics read by the light of their own bodies. What a world of darkness that must have been to read by the flaming hearts that turn into heaps of ash on the altar, how everything in the end is made equal by the wind. —  Timothy Liu, from “Vox Angelica,”… Continue reading Timothy Liu

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Frank Herbert

When God hath ordained a creature to die in a particular place, He causeth that creature’s wants to direct him to that place. ― Frank Herbert, Dune. (Hodder; British trade paperback edition 2006) Originally published December 1st 1965.

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