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Gillian Sze

In the middle of the night,
I wake without breath
              and write my name over and over again
                            to keep myself from disappearing.

—  Gillian Sze, from “Located,” The Anatomy of Clay. (ECW Press April 1, 2011)


2 thoughts on “Gillian Sze

  1. Dear Charles !

    how are you?
    Hope everything is good with you.

    pls submit something for the magazine yourself and send me to my email.

    I don’t know, which one to pick.

    I have had busy days with my studies and knocking you today

    have a blessed day, my friend


  2. anything? like a poem, or even a short story? flash fiction? I’ve been so busy. this year could have gotten off to a better start. on the other hand, theoretically, it can only get better–we hope. I will have to find your email. I might send you two or three things and you can post them at will. would you like them in a specific format, like MS Word? I will try to send you something by the end of the day.


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