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Hart Crane

My hands have not touched pleasure since your hands,— No,—nor my lips freed laughter since ‘farewell’, And with the day, distance again expands Voiceless between us, as an uncoiled shell. Yet love endures, though starving and alone. A dove’s wings cling about my heart each night With surging gentleness, and the blue stone Set in… Continue reading Hart Crane

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Elizabeth Wurtzel

I want to explain how exhausted I am. Even in my dreams. How I wake up tired. How I’m being drowned by some kind of black wave. — Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation. (Riverhead Books; 2nd ed. edition October 1, 1995) Originally published 1994.

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Andrea Gibson

I wish you were here. Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling and they’re falling like they’re falling in love with the ground and the trees are naked and lonely. I keep trying to tell them new leaves will come around in the spring, but you can’t tell trees those things, they’re… Continue reading Andrea Gibson

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