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Marina Abramović

We are always in the space in-between…all the spaces where you are not actually at home. You haven’t arrived yet…This is where our mind is the most open. We are alert, we are sensitive, and destiny can happen. We do not have any barriers and we are vulnerable. Vulnerability is important. It means we are… Continue reading Marina Abramović

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Amy Lowell

I beg you Hide your face from me. Draw the tissue of your head-gear Over your eyes. For I am blinded by your beauty, And my heart is strained, And aches, Before you.   In the street, You spread a brightness where you walk, And I see your lifting silks And rejoice; But I cannot… Continue reading Amy Lowell

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Mitch Glazer

There either is or is not, that’s the way things are. The colour of the day. The way it felt to be a child. The saltwater on your sunburnt legs. Sometimes the water is yellow, sometimes it’s red. But what colour it may be in memory, depends on the day. I’m not going to tell… Continue reading Mitch Glazer

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Andrea Gibson

I was a photograph tucked into the corners of your wallet I wish I was a photograph you carried like a future in your pocket I wish I was that face you show to strangers when they ask you where you come from I wish I was that someone that you come from every time… Continue reading Andrea Gibson

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C.S. Lewis

Love may, indeed, love the beloved when her beauty is lost: but not because it is lost. Love may forgive all infirmities and love still in spite of them: but Love cannot cease to will their removal. Love is more sensitive than hatred itself to every blemish in the beloved… Of all powers he forgives… Continue reading C.S. Lewis

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Leonard Cohen

I loved you when you opened Like a lily to the heat. I’m just another snowman Standing in the rain and sleet, Who loved you with his frozen love His second-hand physique – With all he is, and all he was A thousand kisses deep. — Leonard Cohen, from “A Thousand Kisses Deep” Early version… Continue reading Leonard Cohen

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