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Ted Kooser

Today, from a distance, I saw you, walking away, and without a sound the glittering face of a glacier slid into the sea. An ancient oak fell in the Cumberlands, holding only a handful of leaves, and an old woman scattering corn to her chickens looked up for an instant. At the other side of… Continue reading Ted Kooser

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Franz Kafka

I want in fact more of you. In my mind I am dressing you with light; I am wrapping you up in blankets of complete acceptance and then I give myself to you. I long for you; I who usually long without longing, as though I am unconscious and absorbed in neutrality and apathy, really,… Continue reading Franz Kafka

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François-René de Chateaubriand

Life is spent hovering round our tomb. Our various sicknesses are but the winds which carry us more or less near to the haven. … Death is our friend, nevertheless we do not recognise it as such, because it presents itself to us under a mask, and that mask inspires us with terror. —  François-René… Continue reading François-René de Chateaubriand

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Vladimir Nabokov

Suddenly for no earthly reason I felt immensely sorry for him and longed to say something real, something with wings and a heart, but the birds I wanted settled on my shoulders and head only later when I was alone and not in need of words. — Vladimir Nabokov, The Real Life of Sebastian Knight.… Continue reading Vladimir Nabokov

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William Faulkner

He had a word, too. Love, he called it. But I had been used to words for a long time. I knew that that word was like the others: just a shape to fill a lack; that when the right time came, you wouldn’t need a word for that anymore than for pride or fear.… Continue reading William Faulkner

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Morgan Parker

Today darling I am rising from the lavender bathtub of self-loathing. I don’t take drugs to shut up I take off my pants when I get home and I stay there, red cup full of cigarettes from heaven, ghosts of all my friends between my toes. I imagine them pouring vodka all over each other… Continue reading Morgan Parker

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Jhumpa Lahiri

Still, there are times I am bewildered by each mile I have traveled, each meal I have eaten, each person I have known, each room in which I have slept. As ordinary as it all appears, there are times when it is beyond my imagination. — Jhumpa Lahiri, Interpreter of Maladies. (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; First… Continue reading Jhumpa Lahiri

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