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Mary Oliver

And the speck of my heart, in my shed of flesh and bone, began to sing out, the way the sun would sing if the sun could sing, if light had a mouth and a tongue, if the sky had a throat, if god wasn’t just an idea but shoulders and a spine, gathered from… Continue reading Mary Oliver

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Ralph Angel

Only the edges go on like this, long into dusk, the soul drains us in seconds. And the nothing that’s left, and the no more hope, and what I wouldn’t kill off or trade away, fuck over, dismiss, make a joke of, this failure of solitude, my own dark standing alone in the dark hand… Continue reading Ralph Angel

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Stacie Cassarino

I wanted to see where beauty comes from without you in the world, hauling my heart across sixty acres of northeast meadow, my pockets filling with flowers. Then I remembered, it’s you I miss in the brightness and body of every living name: rattlebox, yarrow, wild vetch. You are the green wonder of June, root… Continue reading Stacie Cassarino

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Karl Krolow

Come closer. So close I feel you, how easily you breathe. Imagine that I lead a life, which consists of moments and blows away in a moment if the wind turns imperceptibly when the door’s still open, enticing you outside, where there’s nothing but the others— turning round and round with the wind. —Karl Krolow,… Continue reading Karl Krolow

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