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Jean-Michel Maulpoix

Within us the sea tries out sentences.

From time immemorial, the same voice spells the same alphabet in the same child’s brain. It mutters words which quickly fly off, snagged on the sea grasses, on the bathers’ browned skin, on the bows of boats, on the masts. Ordinary words, for nothing and no one in particular. It is only about love. This is why we hardly know what to say and we suffer when someone’s gaze fixes on our face, when we would like it to look into our heart. Our lips are so awkward, our body invisible in the opaque night, and our hands inept, yet lightening flashes or wings are at our fingertips.

—Jean-Michel Maulpoix, from Une Histoire de Bleu / From A Story of Blue or A Matter of Blue. (BOA Editions Ltd.; Bilingual edition July 1, 2005)

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