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William Stafford

Today The ordinary miracles begin. Somewhere a signal arrives: “Now,” and the rays come down. A tomorrow has come. Open your hands, lift them: morning rings all the doorbells; porches are cells for prayer. Religion has touched your throat. Not the same now, you could close your eyes and go on full of light. And… Continue reading William Stafford

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Elliot Perlman

Listen – all that she was then, all that she is now, those gestures, everything I remember but won’t or can’t articulate anymore, the perfect words that are somehow made imperfect when used to describe her and all that should remain unsaid about her – it is all unsupported by reason. I know that. But… Continue reading Elliot Perlman

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Natalie Standiford

I felt like you could open a door in my hollow, tin chest — just flip it open, easy — and see my heart throbbing, raw and bloody and sore. You could even reach in and squish it if you wanted to. I didn’t want anyone getting close enough to open that door and see… Continue reading Natalie Standiford

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Pierre-Albert Jourdan

You cannot become attached to human beings, things, or landscapes without suffering immediately taking up a position at your side. This is probably a trite remark. Yet a much stranger fate brings you face to face with uprootedness. It is better, then, to accept the suffering at your side. And illuminate it with love. —Pierre-Albert… Continue reading Pierre-Albert Jourdan

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