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Mary Oliver

A Note Left on the Door There are these: the blue skirts of the ocean walking in now, almost to the edge of town, and a thousand birds, in their incredible wings which they think nothing of, crying out that the day is long, the fish are plentiful. And friends, being as kind as friends… Continue reading Mary Oliver

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Neil Strauss

We have this idea that love is supposed to last forever. But love isn’t like that. It’s a free-flowing energy that comes and goes when it pleases. Sometimes, it stays for life; other times it stays for a second, a day, a month or a year. So don’t fear love when it comes simply because… Continue reading Neil Strauss

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D. H. Lawrence

What is sleep? It goes over me, like a shadow over a hill, but it does not alter me, nor help me. And death would ache still, I am sure; it would be lambent, uneasy. I wish it would be completely dark everywhere, inside me, and out, heavily dark utterly. —D. H. Lawrence, from “And… Continue reading D. H. Lawrence

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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Not a single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born. It would be a bit too easy if we could go about borrowing ready-made souls. ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Flight to Arras. (Harcourt Brace October 22, 1969)

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Philip Levine

Let me begin again as a speck of dust caught in the night winds sweeping out to sea. Let me begin this time knowing the world is salt water and dark clouds, the world is grinding and sighing all night, and dawn comes slowly, and changes nothing. — Philip Levine, from “Let Me Begin Again,”… Continue reading Philip Levine

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May Sarton

I live alone, perhaps for no good reason, for the reason that I am an impossible creature, set apart by a temperament I have never learned to use as it could be used, thrown off by a word, a glance, a rainy day, or one drink too many. My need to be alone is balanced… Continue reading May Sarton

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Richard Brautigan

As the bruises fade, the lightning aches. Last week, making love, you bit me. Now the blue and dark have gone and yellow bruises grow toward pale daffodils, then paler to become until my body is all my own and what that ever got me. —Richard Brautigan, “As the Bruises Fade, the Lightning Aches,” Rommel… Continue reading Richard Brautigan

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