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Sylvia Plath

[…] and tentatively, unbelievingly, unfolding into another spring, when the damn world makes us think we are as young as we ever were and deceives us by pale lucid skies and the sudden opening of little leaves. — Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath. (Anchor; Unabridged edition December 18, 2007)

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Emily Dickinson

There has been frost enough. We must have summer now, and ‘whole legions’ of daisies.— Emily Dickinson, The Life and Letters of Emily Dickinson. (Biblo-Tannen; illustrated edition edition June 1971) in a letter to Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Holland, 24 September 1859.

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John Ashbery

The surprises history has For us are nothing compared to the shock we get From each other, though time still wears The colors of meanness and melancholy, and the general life Is still many sizes too big, yet Has style, woven of things that never happened With those that did, so that a mood survives… Continue reading John Ashbery

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