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Derrick Jensen

There is a language older by far and deeper than words. It is the language of bodies, of body on body, wind on snow, rain on trees, wave on stone. It is the language of dream, gesture, symbol, memory. We have forgotten this language. We do not even remember that it exists. — Derrick Jensen,… Continue reading Derrick Jensen

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Landis Everson

I try to describe you to the river.  I say you’re a snag– Something the river can understand–catching my heart, That I’m rowing without oars, that this is some trip, Never able to leave you, bracing hard against swirls That confuse me, that the whole ghostly place seems like a trap Without bait, that nothing… Continue reading Landis Everson

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Guy de Maupassant

The kiss itself is immortal. It travels from lip to lip, century to century, from age to age. Men and women garner these kisses, offer them to others and then die in turn. —  Guy de Maupassant, The Complete Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant, Part One. (Kessinger Publishing, LLC March 1, 2005) Originally published… Continue reading Guy de Maupassant

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