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Eamon Grennan

Imagine being opened like a fish: the world in front of your gaze a final time and then nothing, namelessness, just light slamming into broken rock, lives silting together, lives in a heap, the lurching harmony of things taking over— as if we were creatures of hope after all. —Eamon Grennan, from “Love Bites,” Relations:… Continue reading Eamon Grennan

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John Steinbeck

Time interval is a strange and contradictory matter in the mind. It would be reasonable to suppose that a routine time or an eventless time would seem interminable. It should be so, but it is not. It is the dull eventless times that have no duration whatever. A time splashed with interest, wounded with tragedy,… Continue reading John Steinbeck

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Tomas Tranströmer

Overhead the stars flash desperately, switched on and off by racing clouds which, only when they veil the light, reveal their presence, like those clouds of the past that wander through the soul. —Tomas Tranströmer, from “Epilogue,” Windows and Stones: Selected Poems (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1972)

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Frank O’Hara

Poem Suppose that grey tree, so nude and desperate,               began to waltz  slowly in time to something we are deaf to in the thickening snow. Would it be merely trying to get warm and true,              as it seems one does while dancing,           or would this be an invitation… Continue reading Frank O’Hara

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José Saramago

The worst pain … isn’t the pain you feel at the time, it’s the pain you feel later on when there’s nothing you can do about it, They say that time heals all wounds, But we never live long enough to test that theory … ― José Saramago, The Cave. (Mariner Books; Reprint edition October… Continue reading José Saramago

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