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Vladimir Mayakovsky

Lilichka! (Instead of a Letter) Tobacco smoke eats the air away. The room,— a chapter from Kruchenykh’s Inferno. Recall,— by the window, that day, I caressed you ecstatically, with fervor. Here you sit now, with your heart in iron armor. In a day, you’ll scold me perhaps and tell me to leave. Frenzied, my trembling… Continue reading Vladimir Mayakovsky

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Miguel de Cervantes

What is more dangerous than to become a poet? which is, as some say, an incurable and infectious disease. —  Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote. Published by Francisco de Robles 1605 (Part One),  1615 (Part Two).  Published in English 1612 (Part One), 1620 (Part Two).

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Frank O’Hara

Instant coffee with slightly sour cream in it, and a phone call to the beyond which doesn’t seem to be coming any nearer. “Ah daddy, I wanna stay drunk many days” on the poetry of a new friend my life held precariously in the seeing hands of others, their and my impossibilities. Is this love,… Continue reading Frank O’Hara

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