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Pablo Neruda

Sweetness, Always Why such harsh machinery? Why, to write down the happenings and people of every day, must poems be dressed up in gold, in old and grim stone? I prefer verses of felt or feather which scarcely weigh, soft verses with the intimacy of beds where people have loved and dreamed. I prefer poems… Continue reading Pablo Neruda

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Anna Kamieńska

The poems deluged me. They came at me like wild bees. — Anna Kamieńska, The poems deluged me. They came at me like wild bees. — Anna Kamieńska, from “A Nest of Quiet: A Notebook,” Astonishments: Selected Poems of Anna Kamienska. (Paraclete Press April 1, 2008)

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D. H. Lawrence

You, my love, the foremost, in a flowered gown,     All your unbearable tenderness, you with the laughter     Startled upon your eyes now so wide with hereafter, You with loose hands of abandonment hanging down. D. H. Lawrence, from “Letters from Town: The Almond Tree,” New Poems.  (1916)

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Charles Baudelaire

Then the woman with the strawberry mouth, Squirming like a snake upon the coals, Kneading her breasts against the iron of her corset, Let flow these words scented with musk: — “I have wet lips, and I know the art Of losing old conscience in the depths of a bed… — Charles Baudelaire, from “The… Continue reading Charles Baudelaire

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Edmond Jabès

The world where I look for you is a world without trees. —  Edmond Jabès, from “And Yukl speaks:,” The Book of Questions: Volume I [I. The Book of Questions, II. The Book of Yukel, III. Return to the Book] pg. 43 (Wesleyan; Rev. ed. Trans. from the French edition September 15, 1991) Originally published… Continue reading Edmond Jabès

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Jorge Luis Borges

We were imagism, cubism, the conventicals and sects that the credulous universities venerate. We invented the lack of punctuation, the leaving out of capital letters, the stanzas in the form of a dove from the libraries of Alexandria. — Jorge Luis Borges, from “Invocation to Joyce,” The New Yorker. 12/13/1969, Vol. 45 Issue 43

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