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Anna Kamieńska

Writing down your thoughts is both necessary and harmful. It leads to eccentricity, narcissism, preserves what should be let go. On the other hand, these notes intensify the inner life, which, left unexpressed, slips through your fingers. If only I could find a better kind of journal, humbler, one that would preserve the same thoughts,… Continue reading Anna Kamieńska

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William Carlos Williams

so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens. William Carlos Williams, “The Red Wheelbarrow,” Spring and All. First published in 1923 by Robert McAlmon’s Contact Publishing Co. The poem itself was originally published without a title and was designated as “XXII” as the twenty-second work in Williams’… Continue reading William Carlos Williams

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Miguel de Unamuno

Snow, delicate snow, that falls with such lightness on the head, on the feelings, come and cover over the sadness that lies always in my reason. —Miguel de Unamuno, from “The Snowfall Is So Silent,” Roots and Wings: Poetry from Spain 1900-1975,  trans. Robert Bly (Harper & Row, 1976)

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Edmond Jabès

It is very hard to live with silence. The real silence is death and this is terrible. To approach this silence, it is necessary to journey to the desert. You do not go to the desert to find identity, but to lose it, to lose your personality, to be anonymous. You make yourself void. You… Continue reading Edmond Jabès

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