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Andrea Gibson

I Sing The Body Electric, Especially When My Power’s Out. This is my body I have weather veins They’re especially sensitive to dust storms and hurricanes When I’m nervous my teeth chatter like a wheelbarrow collecting rain I am rusty when I talk- it is the storm in me The doctor said some day I… Continue reading Andrea Gibson

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F. Scott Fitzgerald

The great tapestries of trees had darkened to ghosts back at the last edge of twilight. The early moon had drenched the arches with pale blue and weaving over the night, in and out of the gossamer rifts of moon, swept a song, a song with more than a hint of sadness, infinitely transient, infinitely… Continue reading F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Charles Wright

When a tooth is extracted,                                            some side of the holy wheel is unnotched, And twists, unlike Ixion’s, in the wind and weather, And one slips into wanting nothing more                                                                  from the human world, And leans back, a drifting cloud, Toward what becomes vacant and is nameless and is blue, As days once were,… Continue reading Charles Wright

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Clarice Lispector

Between two musical notes there exists another note, between two facts there exists another fact, between two grains of sand, no matter how close together they are, there exists an interval of space, there exists a sensing between sensing—in the interstices of primordial matter there is the mysterious, fiery line that is the world’s breathing,… Continue reading Clarice Lispector

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