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Franz Wright

Seven Versions 1. The Kiss Massive languor, languor hammered; Sentient languor, languor dissected; Languor deserted, reignite your sidereal fires; Holier languor, arise from love. The wood’s owl has come home. 2. Beyond Sunlight I can’t shakle one of your ankles as if you were a falcon, but nothing can prevent me from following, no matter… Continue reading Franz Wright

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Franz Kafka

I am dirty, Milena, endlessly dirty, that is why I make such a fuss about cleanliness. None sing as purely as those in deepest hell; it is their singing we take for the singing of angels. —Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena. (Schocken; Rev Upd edition April 7, 1990)

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Joseph Brodsky

I have braved, for want of wild beasts, steel cages, carved my term and nickname on bunks and rafters, lived by the sea, flashed aces in an oasis, dined with the-devil-knows-whom, in tails, on truffles. —Joseph Brodsky, from “May 24, 1980,” Collected Poems in English. (Farrar, Straus and Giroux; Reprint edition April 1, 2002)

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